Friday, February 26, 2016

Keeping up on Complete Streets!

RTC has a new initiative that is rolling out.  Planning for our communities complete streets!  They've had a few public meetings and want your comments.  They acknowledge that "complete" can mean different things at different locations...but they are trying to accommodate all modes of transportation in as many areas as possible.

The meetings so far have only been moderately attended, mostly by bicycle advocates and RTC staff.  They'd love to have more public comment, so get out there and let them know what is important to you!

P.S.  Actually....if the general public doesn't attend that works too.  We will pave this town with bike lanes like they're going out of style!!!  Hahahahahah!!!

P.P.S.  Just kidding.  The truth is the general public isn't against bike lanes.  And even cyclists don't want them everywhere. 


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