Monday, June 29, 2015

IMBIB Brewery Grand Opening.

What can I easy excuse for bikes and beer!  The newest brewery in town is actually a collaborative effort by several Washoe Zephyr Zymurgists (WZZ) beer club members, so I also felt a bit obligated to get down there and help them make their official opening a success!

The front entrance looks great!

Live music back in the brewery.

Keg lined "stage"!

The small in house brew system (larger batches are currently done down in Carson) and a whole lot of goodness aging in barrels!

Manning the taps!

It's worth noting that they had 17 beers and a couple home brew cola's on hand.  This is a really impressive feat for a grand opening...there are several well established breweries in town that don't have a draft list half this long!  And several options were barrel aged sours....something that's still a bit lacking here in the Reno beer scene.  Based on this display and the quality of the beers I sampled I think these guys are going to be hugely popular in the rapidly growing brewery options in Reno!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015

BPAC Bust and a Bicycle Lawyer....

You never want to see this happen...but if it does who do you call?

Yesterday was the monthly BPAC (Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee) meeting which while interesting and important isn't something I write up in detail.  However, last night proved unique in two ways...  1) We cancelled the meeting because we didn't have enough people and 2) because we had an interesting visitor.... A lawyer who has a special interest in bicycles.

I've read plenty about bicycle lawyers in Portland and other big "bicycle cities"....but I don't think I've ever encountered a specialist bicycle lawyer in Reno.  I'm not going to use his name until I chat with him a bit more, but I was impressed that he came to the meeting because he was fed up with folks violating cyclists rights, the lack of enforcement, and lack of follow up in complaints/cases where these offenses takes place.  I found this unique because I'm sure if you're a lawyer just looking for business in the personal injury world....representing cyclist probably isn't the best business strategy. 

Anyway, I'll be talking with him more and hope that at the very least he'll be a good resource for local cyclists who do get injured. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tuesday Night Ride Group Summer Solstice Ride.

Somehow I got talked in to giving a friend a ride up to the Emigrant Trail last night for the TNRG Summer Solstice I decided, sick or not I'd tag along.  It turned out to be a really good ride.  I didn't take any pics on the ride itself, but here's a clip from youtube to get you rolling and a few pics from the bbq party that followed.

And's kinda long...but it's a legit view of the ride.

And then there was beer and bbq!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Seeing a City.

Over the last couple weeks I've actually spent more time driving than riding....which is kind of rare for me.  I had forgotten just how effortless it is to get around when you just have push one pedal instead of two.  As I cruised both Michigan and Nevada roads I was struck how little of an area you actually experience in a car.  It's just the nature of driving to attempt to avoid the congested areas I suppose...but you miss some of the most interesting areas when you do.  So this week back on the bike it's been fun just to observe the city again.  So give it some thought, you might want to try it!

Case in point...Virginia St. bridge removal.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Proof that bikes are just regular transportation....

You may or may not like the commercial or the business that it's for....but the fact that this exists is proof positive that bikes are transportation and not just toys or exercise equipment.   

Buzz Bomb Bike Sale Pictures.

Just some pics from the sale.  I try to go every year just so see if there's something I "have" to have.  There was a tempting Raleigh 3 speed....but I figured someone could use it more than me!  Even if I didn't buy anything the sourdough pancakes were worth the ride over on a beautiful morning.

Folks checking out the merchandise.

Some great style from yesteryear.

There were also some great head badges.