Friday, August 28, 2015

Canfest....perfect excuse for weekend bikes and beer!

Yep, Canfest is Saturday evening at the Peppermill.  A perfect excuse to grab your bike and find a nice back road route to the Peppermill!  Once you're there you can continue to show off your riding skills on the minibike get your tickets now and join in at Canfest tomorrow! 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Midtown...the Old Boys Club of Reno...and Those of Weak Political Will.

***Warning this is a rant***

Oh...Midtown...What an ironic logo.

Well kids.  Midtown officially hit the skids in the last two days.  Thanks to some of the Midtown business owners who have long time contacts and personal inroads with city council and RTC board members.  

Unfortunately, only two of these folks seem to have much vision (far left if your wondering).  Truly sad...I thought this group was different.

Yep, apparently it's that simple.  Doesn't really matter if you organize, plan, start coalitions, provide detailed alternatives, sit on advisory boards designed for this purpose, or get the majority of public sentiment and votes on your side.  You really just need to be one of a few people associate with "junk, hardware, or records" and know who's ear to whisper (your poorly informed opinions) in to derail what could have taken Reno to the next tier of livable cities.

Don't get me wrong...Midtown will definitely get wider sidewalks.  The bus service should improve too.  However, if you want to ride a bike in Midtown you get two options with current plan.  Ride in the middle of the traffic lane marked with sharrows (currently planned at 30 mph!?) or what I suspect will be more common....ride your bike illegally on the nice wide sidewalk...which I suspect will be the default for many people.

So...thanks for nothing RTC and Reno City Council.  It was good to hear you throw words around like "Complete Streets" and "Great Streets" at the last years worth of meetings....but you clearly don't have the ability to follow through.

Perhaps in another 50 years when we redo the Midtown Virginia St. section again your children will get it right.  Sigh.....

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

RenOpen Streets....put it on your calendar!

Keep those heads up people!

Ouch!  Truth be told...I did something similar several years ago.  Fortunately, for me I looked up just in time and managed to hit that Volvo at a skidding 45 degree angle .  Still cracked the frame in half and gave me more road rash than I've ever had since.  So yeah, pay attention out there folks.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How do the people who live and play in Midtown feel about bikes?

This is just a template for what the Great Streets Coalition is hoping to show city leaders in our last push to get bike lanes in Midtown.  If you'd be interested in doing one please let us know.  And we want everyone who goes to Midtown for any reason.  Live there?  Great.  Work there?  Great.  Only go to Midtown for food and beer?  Great. 

If you'd like to get involved please leave us a message at the Great Streets Coalition Facebook Page! push.

This post was written up by the Good Little City blog here in Reno.  I certainly couldn't have said it better so I'm just going to repost it!

30 Parking Spots are Blocking a Bike Lane that Would Connect 20,000 Students to Reno Businesses

Reno is on a path to rebuild it's most important street without a bike lane through its most important section.  When the street is complete, this section may have as few as 30 on-street parking spaces.  Here are 4 images that explain why sacrificing a bike lane that could connect an entire city for a few parking spots is silly, silly business.

*The Midtown district currently has approximately 100 parking spaces in this section.  The street redesign will cut the number to about 50.  Some private developers have stepped forward to say they plan to request further elimination of their street parking in favor of wider sidewalks or bike lanes.
We believe the final number of parking spaces after Fire Lanes and Bus Stops are in place may bring the number to about 30 spaces.  There is not enough width in the street to fit both bike lanes and on-street parking in this small 6 block section between California Ave and Vassar.  A choice must be made.

To learn more about the Great Streets Coalition, read our endorsement letter:
Endorsement Letter
Or visit our Facebook Page:
Or find us on Twitter @greatstreetsco

Detours and traffic signage...from the bicycle and pedestrian side of the street.

Totally random, but Reno-Rambler is posting on a similar topic this morning.  Mainly construction signage and it's affect on folks on bikes.  I've posted several times that I hate it when they put construction signs and automobile detour signs in the bike lanes.

An example from an old post.....

However, this morning I wanted to point out that there's another type of detour and signage that's starting to exist in Reno.

An actual bicycle detour with signage....gasp!

Yep, they are actually starting to post real bicycle detours when they close dedicated bicycle paths like the river path and its associated route through downtown Reno.  This little gem is tied to the Virginia St. bridge replacement project and is partnered with an actual signed pedestrian route (that is separate).  So there are small signs (pun intended) that contractors and those who hire them are aware of some of the issues with signage, construction, and it's affects on bicycles and pedestrians....but we've obviously got a ways to go!