Friday, August 29, 2014

Bicycle to Ribfest! **Updated**

I'm pretty sure most people are aware that RibFest is this weekend over in Sparks.  (You'd probably have to be living someplace obscure like Bend, OR not to know....)  I'm also pretty sure it draws 10's of thousands of people every day.  I'm translating that as NO parking and MASSIVE traffic.

So, if you'd like to join us, there's a group ride starting from the automobile museum (Oh, the irony) on Saturday (Organized by the Cuter Commuter herself) .  We'll meet on the bike path behind the museum at 4pm on Saturday and cruise over as a group.  There will be a return ride leaving Sparks at ~7pm so you shouldn't need lights unless you plan to stay later.

p.s.  I'm totally not the organizer of the ride....I just heard about it from Cuter Commuter.  At the very least I'll promise I'll be in this location at this time to ride there!  Join me if you like!


From Cuter Commuter:

Bicycle Cities....2.0.

Just a interesting perspective on bicycling from one of the leading cycling cities in the world....and a little filler for the blog since nothing interesting happened on my commute this morning!

Some of the interesting points you might look for include bicycle culture represented as vacuuming culture and some of the "products" that are transported by bicycle in Copenhagen. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rivendell Bicycles Grant Petersen comes to town. **UPDATED**
Click to link to the RGJ story.
Now that is a title for a newspaper story!  If you want to hear more about this novel idea, please join in by heading down to Sundance Bookstore on Sept. 4th, 6-9pm to hear Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycles.  He is know for having some pointed opinions on the topic!  And if you happen to have his book "Just Ride: A Radically Practical Guide to Riding your Bike", I'm sure he'll sign it for you!


***I just found out the event also has an organized ride starting at 5pm!  So be sure to come early so you too can ride with the legendary Grant Petersen!***


I know a lot of cyclist who get out the fancy road bike on the weekend and do a bit of training.  Heck, I even hit the verdi loop once in a while and have my eye on the clock for exactly how long the loop takes me.  Apparently, bus drivers do a bit of training as well.  You have to keep that gas pedal foot in top shape you know!

Seriously though, I hop scotched with this driver in training all the way down Mill St.  From a cycling opinion he did pretty darn well.  He stayed behind me for about a block before hitting a bus stop rather than passing and blocking the bike lane in front of me.  He also gave a wide berth (more than 3ft) when passing.  So kudos to the RTC training program.  Seems like they're doing a good job.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Keystone Complete Street Meeting.

Sorry, busy at work today.

The meeting was super well attended.  They had 3 separate projectors running with side by side computer generated displays of the before traffic and after traffic.  Turns out traffic flow is actually better after the redesign with fewer lanes.  Go figure!  The mood was really positive....didn't hear one negative comment about the designs.  And in past meetings there was certainly an opposition.  Not sure what that means, but I'll take positive any day!

Here's a few pics.

Blurry panorama of people!

Side by side on the North Keystone complete street.

People and infographic.

More people.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Meeting Alert!! Keystone Complete Street Conversion....Tonight!!

In case you wanted to's the flyer with the details:

A Pedal Perspective.

I ride a bicycle at some point during most every day.  Sometimes for transportation, sometimes for exercise, and sometimes just because it's fun. 

This morning I decided my ride should be fun and somehow different. So, I dusted off the Xtracycle just for the fact that it has flats (pedals that don't require clipping in or special shoes).  Just the ability to ride in sandals, rather than throwing on my bike shoes was my qualifier for "fun".  And you know what, it was. 

So, what's your perspective on adding a little fun to your day?  Perhaps it should be just dusting off that bicycle and going for a spin.  What ever it is, make sure you get out and do it soon.  The summer sunshine and long evenings are starting to shorten and there's no time to waste!