Monday, October 20, 2014

IMBA trail building at Keystone Canyon November 1,2!!

Come on people...let's get involved with this.  Click the links to get to the poedunks page and / or the IMBA page to sign up!!!  Please note the Trail building school and work is on Sunday, November 2nd.  There is a costume night ride / contest on Saturday, November 1st.

A quick preview of my weekend ride to San Francisco.

Ok, I'm behind at work due to this trip, but here's the dump of our tour to San Francisco.  Basically 300 miles over 3 days of riding with 13,000 feet of climbing. 

I'll do a real write up at some point shortly with pictures.  There are of course some good stories to tell. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

A little bike counting for inspiration.

Counting Bicyclists on NYC's Manhattan Bridge! (October 2014) from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

This one isn't even from Portland (land of counting bikes and talking about it)'s from New York.  Just imagine if we could get these kind of numbers through an area like Mid-town!?  Of course there isn't any (!!!???) bike infrastructure to get you to mid-town directly (e.g. Virginia St.).  However, the roads that lead there, Arlington Ave. and California Ave. do have good bike lanes and get you to low traffic volume neighborhood roads that lead to mid-town.  So think about a route that might bring you to mid-town for some food and fun and plan a group ride.  See if you can't help bring the Reno bike numbers up by a few!

Biking to San Francisco this weekend.

I have a buddy over at Patagonia that I've know for years.  He's into biking as well (shocking I know) and has been bugging me to ride to San Francisco with him for as long as I can remember.  Like many cyclists we talk a good game, but have never ridden to San Francisco.  Thursday morning that will be changing.

So, that leaves me with a problem.  My do everything bike (Salsa Fargo) is currently in cyclocross configuration.  Meaning, big knobby tires, no fenders, no racks, and after the two races last weekend....exceedingly dirty.  So Saturday morning it was time to make the transition.  I didn't take pictures early on so you'll have to believe me when I say I hosed everything down and scrubbed until my bike looked as close to new as possible. 

Here we are cleaned up and beginning the transition into touring mode....meaning I did one simple thing....added a rear rack.

Next up....tire change out.

Old slicks.

Small problem with a tire quick change....the stupid things are full of stan's sealant and in a tubeless configuration.  For this trip I'm switching back to tubes.  Long story short...Stan's sealant is fucking messy stuff. 

Updated to touring configuration and as clean as it's been in years!

Rear panniers, frame bag, and handlebar bags added.  

So ~5 hours later (and a couple beers in) the process was finished.  We have the Adventure cycling maps in hand (the last stage of the Western Express Route) and a rough game plan of far we'll ride each day, how much climbing it entails, where we'll camp, and how much food to bring.  Now all that remains is getting all the gear together that needs to be in these bags.  No small task, but definitely material for a post tomorrow or Wednesday.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Complete Streets / Road Diets make safer streets!

The article below is taken from, but the numbers from road diets here in Reno (and anywhere for that matter) show similar results.  So with this type of data and local examples like California Ave., Plumas St., Holcomb Ave., and 1st St., why are we still dragging our heels on Keystone Ave.

So wake up Reno City council.  Make the changes.  Make Reno a safer, more people friendly city!

Fellow commuters!!

You guys surprised me this morning.  I saw 15 bicycle commuters on my way to work!!  Maybe it was that the weather is just perfect for it these days, perhaps it was that I was a little later heading out the door this morning and you've always been there, or possibly there are just starting to be more people riding bikes.  Any way you to want to call it, I was glad for the company.

The two pictured here even happened to be women....and they say that when you start to see women riding you know you're doing something right with your streets and planning.  These gals signaled signaled their turns and fully stopped at stop about rider etiquette.  And I'm not implying this is rare....just taking the time to point out some non-scofflaw riding for the press.

So joint the crew and throw a leg over a bicycle sitting in your garage, you'll have more fun than you did on your drive to work!