Friday, July 29, 2016

Pacific NW Traveling....

Yeah...Riding in Reno is a bit slow these days since I don't reside in Reno any longer.  Here's a little taste of the Pacific NW for you guys baking in the desert!

The girlfriend's family are happy Canadians who live on the beach in North Vancouver.  So yeah we chose to hang out in their front yard while we were visiting. is rough!

And just in case you think I'm slipping.  Bikes were carried across the border and ridden around the Canadian equivalent of NY Central Park.  More than a bit touristy....but miles were ridden!


Yeah...that is a bike only path you're seeing!  It goes for about 20 miles on the island and another 10 along the shore line.  And right next to it is an equally impressive path just for pedestrians.  Canada is a bit ahead of us on bike/ped infrastructure it seems!

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