Wednesday, November 14, 2018

People for Bikes!

Last night there was a second talk organized by TMBA and People for Bikes.  It was out at a new(er) Giant bike shop in Sparks that I hadn't been to before (out on Disc Dr. if your interested in a visit).  The previous talk was hosted at Patagonia and was a packed house (~100 people)!  Our turn out last night was a little reduced (maybe 25 people) but it was a good time regardless.

If you're wondering what People for Bikes is and what they're trying to accomplish, the platform works a little something like this.

Step 1.  By whatever means necessary gather all types of cyclist in your community together (aka at Patagonia or Giant Bicycles).

Step 2.  Provide said people with free beer (Battle Born Beer in this case) and free food (Eclipse Pizza, yum).

Step 3.  After a round of community announcements / ride announcements / etc., give 3 or 4 short (5 minute limit) talks about biking and biking related topics in the region.  For last night it was an update on the Center Street Cycle Track, a review of Lime Bikes (from Lime bike staff), and a talk on a new bicycle based business that happens to be a custom bakery that delivers by bike!  Each talk get's an additional 5 minutes of Q&A.

Step 4.  More beer and social discussion / make a new bikey friend.

All in all it was a fun gathering and I'm encouraged that it will be taking place 3 times a year here in Reno thanks to John McCann of TMBA.  So keep your eye out for the next one in the spring of 2019.

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