Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How Important are Bikes....They're Top Stories in the Wall Street Journal!

Ok, it's just another publication on the helmet debate.  Which by the way, I'm not getting into.  I wear one 98 percent of the time and that works for me.  Sometimes when I'm just cruising around town, I don't.  Do whatever works for you. 

The point is that bicycles are in the news (even places like the Wall Street Journal) on a regular basis these days.  Bike share programs like the one that the City of Reno are researching are a big part of the conversation (they're in the pic above), protected bike ways are in the papers regularly for big cities designing for the future (like the picture above), and helmet laws are being debated all over the place under the guise of safety (it is statistically safer to drive with a helmet one wants a law like that either).  The point is that cities of merit are having these conversations and building with real attention to future modes of transportation.  My question is are you paying attention Reno City Council and RTC!?


Interestingly enough, the City Council is currently voting on a  plan for Reno's future (see the ktvn report below).  While it's good they are "thinking" about the future....the topics they list are so vague that the vote seems like only an act to appear to be doing the "thinking".  Ironically, I'm sure they'll have a unanimous vote with all council members and the Mayor for "preparing" for Reno's future....only a week or so after voting to rebuild Midtown with standards that have been the status quo for the last 50 years!

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