Friday, October 2, 2015

OMG...I Rode a Bike!'s been a while since I've had a bike in the office (only a couple times in the last 2 weeks).  Which yeah, means I've been driving to work.  The reason of course is that my shoulder has continued to bother me since I lost my game of Bike vs. Car.  It's even more depressing because as you can see the bike is stripped down to it's cyclocross mode and the shoulder appears to be making any racing only a grumpy afterthought.

However, things do seem to be improving....and it's not like I haven't been getting out on the bike for a few trips to midtown breweries lately.  And the bike is sitting in front of me as I write!  So let this be my official rant on getting back on the bike, for what ever reason has been stopping you!!!

Here's my list of reasons we should all be riding:

The weather is cooling off perfectly.
395 construction is wrapping traffic is lighter on surface streets.
Its just fun (something I forgot a little bit while driving).
Driving in rush hour really does take me longer to drive than ride!
You feel better all day long.
You'll be healthier!
Etc, etc, etc!!!

So grab the bike and get back out there!

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