Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Just another commuter morning.  I was merrily headed down Mill St. as it has become my default ride....when I decided it had been far too long since my last ride on the river path.  So detours were made.

Turns out things are changing on the old river path.  Just behind the automobile museum a new hotel is progressing.  While this isn't my favorite use of the property, because it just backs up to the river rather than showcasing the potential natural beauty.  It is at least helping clean up the homeless camps that use to exist along the river bank.

A little further down the path (next to Broadhead Park) some more apartments are going up on some long standing vacant land.  So I guess things are "progressing" here in Reno.  At least building things up indicates the economic gears are turning.

The problem is that while both of these locations are being "cleaned up" by development.  The previously distributed homeless camps have just been pushed down river. 

Photo stolen from Reno-Rambler!

I didn't take pictures this morning of the growing tent cities along the path....but let's just say they are larger than in the picture above (taken this summer by the Reno-Rambler).  In one case they even have a sign denoting a name for the camp.  So yeah, the river path was a little depressing this morning and clearly indicates that "Progress" and "Economic development" are only relative terms.

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