Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rain...then fog...then ice!

Ok, If you commuted home last night you earned another commuter stripe (possibly the one up your backside if you don't have fenders).  I rode in yesterday morning with visions of riding home in nice soft snow.  While it did snow yesterday and was was raining steadily and a slushy wet mess by the time my 5pm commute rolled around.  No pics but again credit to everyone who rode!

By around 10 pm (when I was headed to bed) I couldn't hardly see across the street due to sublimating snow and fog.  This of course turned into a lovely sheet of ice on every road in town this morning!

This makes me excited for the commute because I have a bike with studded tires!  And today is the rare but exact commute for the setup.  Except that I hadn't ridden the Xtracycle since the tire change and apparently I pinched a tube...because about two blocks from the house I had a blowout.

Since I was already dressed for the ride, I switched out for my normal bike (the Fargo).  It doesn't have studs, so I opted for deflating tires to around 20 psi and rolled out with caution in mind.  While I skittered here and there and skipped clipping in most of the ride...everything went smoothly enough.

However, don't think that meant that the bike lanes (and roads) weren't slick as hell everywhere in town!

And if the icy conditions weren't enough....yeah, just park the big rig in the bike lane.  I love merging with traffic traveling 50 mph on a skating rink!?

Anyhow, hope anyone nuts enough to ride a bike today had a safe commute! 

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