Thursday, April 7, 2016

Making the Old New Again!

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures during this little project, but here are the first pass results on a bike I'm building up for the girlfriend.  The base bike is a Marin Muirwood Urban (2010?).  It was in need of some serious TLC, but after a bit of work I think it will be a perfect bike for some intro to bikepacking with the new girl!

From start to finish here were the steps I went through to recondition the little bugger.  Reset the headset bearings, a complete removal and clean up of the bottom bracket and cranks, reran all break and shifting cables and housings.  Added v-brake compatible break levers (it only had interrupter breaks previously), re-wrapped the bars, new tubes (tires are on order), and trued the rims.  All in all it was really only a couple evenings to get it back in shape.

Since its currently paired with 26" rims there is a ton of clearance for fenders and 2 inch plus tires in the near future!  I'm thinking another nice set of wood fenders for it (like you can see on the fargo in the background).

All in all...a fun little project.

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