Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Last night was the annual Banff Mountain Film festival put on by the Nevada Land Trust.  This year it was hosted at the Peppermill.  As always it was a great event with a lot of inspiring movies.  I'm sure there are about 1200 folks sitting at work this morning contemplating quitting their jobs and hiking, biking, or climbing until the $$$ run out....lord knows I am!

That being said...back in the day, the event was hosted at the Nugget.  We had 5 screens all this size, bigger vendor participation, and a huge raffle with seriously good prizes.  While the event is still a good show....the fun factor has diminished a bit.  Hopefully, this is just due to the shifting venue over the last few years and it will build back up to what it was.

If you've never been here's are a few video links with some of the movies we saw last night ( is a tear jerker):

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