Monday, October 28, 2013

Sagebrush cyclocross series at Clayton.

Yep, they just keep coming.  I missed the event up in Truckee due to my Michigan trip but this weekend the series was back.....and only a mile from my house!  Work is busy so I'll just dump some pictures on you for now.  Here it is.


Some juniors practicing the curb hop.

It was a full house this week!

Seriously...I don't think there was any parking left.

Pancake breakfast anyone?

The start of the Men's B / Women's A race.

Into the first corner.

A bit of a mash up at the first stair climb.

Into the sand.

The series of step ups kill you on the way up....but they are fun on the way down.

The first drop gave you just enough speed for......

.....a little bit of air on the second bump/drop.
All in all it was a great course.  A lot of up and down and some off camber side hills with high entry speeds.  More than one rider slide out on some of them.  So get the race schedule and join in next time!

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