Monday, March 17, 2014

Great day for a mountain bike ride.

Ok, I'd actually argue it was a great weekend for any type of outdoor activity you might enjoy.  For me however, there was mountain biking, a little trail running, and some social town biking.  I'll just dump some pics and hope you had as much fun in the good weather as I did.

I didn't get there particularly early.  I waited for it to warm up.  As a result, the parking lot was completely full and people were parking up and down the road!  Fortunately, I live close enough to ride to the trail head.   The construction on the new apartments also seems to be coming along. 

There's a hint of green in the hills....even with the lack of winter and water.

Choices, choices..which way to go.

There were a ton of people out.  Bikers, trail runners, and hikers.

The return trip.  All down hill from here!
And although this picture wasn't taken immediately following my ride....this was how the weekend on bicycles ended!

And yes, my pint even had a picture of a bike on it!

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