Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Napa Valley Marathon.

That's right....it was a long weekend in Napa with good friends.  Wine wasn't the focus, but it pretty much has to play a roll when you're in Napa.  Basically, wifey and her friend (let's call her shopper girl) were doing the marathon and the bike riding husbands were hanging out and shuttling girls and luggage from hotel to hotel.

So let the marathon begin....

Opps....not that kinda marathon.....this one.  And yes, it's not the beginning it's at the end.  After all finishing is kinda what matters!

Rounding the last corner.

All celebration....no pain.

Obligatory final sprint!

Wifey and Shopper Girl showing off the bling!
Then it was time for wine!

All decked out and checking out the winery grounds.

Learning the gang signs for the "masters of wine".....long story here.  If you're not club K and B you probably won't ever get this!
Final proof that you are a master of wine!

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