Wednesday, July 23, 2014

4th / Victorian Way....the Great Basin Express.

Ok, so after work yesterday I headed over to Great Basin to meet some friends for a beer.  I was tired before I even headed over and a couple beers probably didn't help the energy levels.  Anyway, I decided the river path was boring (and not direct enough given my energy levels) so I headed home to Reno via Victorian Ave. and 4th St. through downtown Reno.

Victorian Ave.....nice bike lanes.....good job Sparks!

4th St.....plenty of room to stripe a bike lane right bike lane....bad job Reno!
The term express in the title was NOT in effect for me.  The route may be direct but it is also unprotected from the steady head wind I was fighting.  I think I average about 11 or 12 mph the entire way and probably slowed even further climbing the 300 feet up the hill to the house.  While this definitely qualifies as least the beer made the pain bearable.

So, if you need an alternate on your way to or from Sparks....give the 4th St. corridor a try.  It's relatively light traffic, interesting people watching, and the most direct route you can find.

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