Thursday, July 31, 2014

Strava...before and after....

Ok, I'm just posting this because I happened across it (and I thought it was funny).  The sad part is that it's kind of true.

Now for the record, I'm not a Strava guy.  I definitely record all my rides on a garmin, just because it's my speedometer and I do enjoy taking a look at the ride stats.  However, mostly it's just to see just how much climbing I did or what type of pace I maintained.  I don't share the data with anyone unless it happens to be posted here to show the route. 

I don't think it's bad if people what to share their efforts with everyone else.  Lord knows that if we're on a ride and it seems like there's someone who is pushing the pace, I'll be right there with them to see if they really want to play the game. 

However, there are more and more people out on the trails who exhibit a bit of the behavior that is joked at here.   So let's all try to remember that it's bicycling and it's supposed to be fun!!

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