Wednesday, September 9, 2015

People want Complete Streets in Midtown....but is the Mayor even Listening!?

Here's two more people who took time to actually write up why Midtown is better with bike lanes.

OMG!  Look at her picture.  She's in a car and still wants bike lanes in Midtown.
Of course...because even cyclists drive to Midtown...and there's always enough parking!

However, I kinda wonder if it even matters since one of the biggest voices of opposition to the bike lanes in Midtown spent last week taking the Mayor (personal friend) out to Burning Man on her dime! 

Taken from the RGJ.

And while I'm painfully aware of how lobbying works in politics and the affect big business has on the national really sucks to see that these types of practices actually exist at the city level of politics.  It's not how the system is supposed to work and Hillary shouldn't be taking these types of gifts if she wants to appear objective in contentious projects like Midtown. 

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