Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I Played Bike vs. Car today....I lost.

I'm not actually even sure how many years I've been bike commuting on a daily basis.  Probably somewhere around 10 years.  In that time I've been pretty darn lucky and never actually been "hit" by a car (that resulted in me augering in).  That changed this morning.

Long story short.  I was riding East on Mill St. approaching Terminal Way.  Traffic was backed up as usual and I was passing cars who where moving less than 10 mph.  As I approached Terminal Way a truck decided he couldn't wait to get into the gas station and abruptly merged into the bike lane (and me).  I slid up his side panel hitting the passenger side door and took off his mirror with my left shoulder.  Then I stylishly executed a superman over the handle bars and stuck the dismount with the ever popular sliding right shoulder, rib, and hip "landing".  All and all a moderate "right hook" type situation.

Now before you worry too much...I'm ok.  Shoulder is sore (but I think, ok) and the ribs hurt.  A nice little addition to my road rash collection.  Like most folks who get hit, adrenaline was pumping and my first impression was to say I was fine and just get to work...  Instead, I just sat there for a few minutes and evaluated.  The guy who hit me was right there making sure I was ok, along with a few witnesses from the gas station.  They called 911 and ambulance and police were there in a few minutes.

I was mostly worried about unseen damage to my bike and making sure I had a collision report and insurance info from the guy.

So, here's what you get for your trouble.  I'm actually impressed that it says collision information rather than accident.  And for the record the ambulance folks were there and took vitals and offered to clean me up.  No push to go for treatment...but they did ask if I wanted to go to the hospital.  Super friendly and professional.  The same case for the RPD officers.  They took it seriously, knew that I was allowed to pass on the right because the bike lane is a legal travel lane.  Totally top notch performance and I want to give them props for that.

So yeah, that was my morning.  I think the bike is okay, with just cosmetic damage.  I'm okay, with hopefully just cosmetic damage.  My current biggest much this is gonna hurt me in the CrossReno cyclocross race this weekend! 


  1. So glad to hear you're ok! Glad the city services backed you up. Good luck at 'cross!

  2. Andy! So sorry to hear about this. I hope you feel better soon buddy.


  3. Reno police still have not read the law that these are now called a CRASH not a "accident" as in this report.
    Right-hook crashes in heavy traffic remain a tremendous problem for negligent car drivers doing the hooking.
    Next test: taking the land on upper South Virginia Street....

  4. Ouch. That stinks. Heal up quick bud.