Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Catching a glimpse of bike blogging fame!

Kent's bike.

Ok...not shockingly I've been continuing to spend time in Eugene due to the whole girlfriend thing.  It's really fun to have a new city to actively explore.  As part of my exploration I've been back reading a bike blog by Kent Petersen....who's probably a bit like me in terms of just capturing various things while riding.  The bike he rides is a pretty distinctive Bike Friday (made in Eugene).

Anyway, one of the neat pieces of bicycle infrastructure in Eugene (and there are many) is the Fern Ridge Path which runs as separated bike/ped infrastructure east-west through the city.  While driving to Home Depot for some parts I cross the path and low and behold if I didn't see this bike cruise right in front of me!

So while I've yet to meet the guy...I have had my first sighting of some bike blog royalty of Eugene and for some reason it made my day.  Hopefully, you're as easily entertained in your life!

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