Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cyclist Killed on Mill St.

From the RGJ:

This is my daily ride....really disturbing as Mill St. has very clearly marked bike lanes and the intersection with Telegraph has good lines of sight.  This article provides very little detail (or course), but indicates the cyclist was hit "outside" a marked intersection....

It's worth noting that in the photo capture above...the cyclist appears to have been traveling west bound just prior to the telegraph intersection.  While RGJ describes it as crossing Mill St. outside a marked intersection it appears he was probably trying to cross the two 50 mph lanes of traffic to get to the left turn lane for telegraph.  This is a common turn off to get away from the high speed traffic on Mill, but also really hard to do since you're merging from the far right.

Looks to me like he was hit from behind in the process.  It's also worth noting the car delivery semi in the background.  These guys very often park in the bike lane forcing riders out into traffic in this area.  I wonder if this played a roll as well?

Either way...someone died yesterday and my thoughts go out to the family and friends.  Everyone be careful out there as we wrap up bike to work week.

From KTVN:


  1. While we did not have the cyclist's name, we mentioned this fatality at our Ride of Silence in Carson City Wednesday evening. Thanks for you blog post.

  2. did you ever find out the name of this cyclist?