Thursday, May 26, 2016

Touring, Traffic, and TMI!

Ok, this post is just covering a weird range of what's going on lately on the bikey side of my life.  First up, I have two awesome friends who are headed out on an epic (yep, I used that word) fat bike tour.  They are leaving Saturday and will be making rounds throughout the Pacific Northwest (including the Oregon Outback trail), through Colorado, and ending up back here to pick up their stuff before heading to the eastern US for a new stage in their life.  I'll miss them, but how can you be mad at someone for doing it this way!!!

Their rigs....

And of course we had to drink some of the beer they can't take!

Next up.  I still want to be traffic!  Why do I have to push a button to get the light to turn at most intersections in Reno.  Isn't our bike infrastructure supposed to be better than that!?

First world problem...I know...but the button is so far out of the way!

And finally in the TMI category.  All my current jeans seem to have failed at the same time and oddly right in the crotch.  I guess that means I'm still riding enough!  Fortunately, it's summer and I think I can put off replacing them until this fall!

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