Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bicycle events in Reno.

Beers & premiers
    is proud to announce the first annual ‘summer solstice’

 A couple of reminders for you.  Tonight is the presentation of Beers and Premiers out at Patagonia (6pm).  As one can imagine this involves some tasty craft beer and some excellent mountain bike footage on screen.  It will also involve gold sprints.  For those unfamiliar, this is two bikes mounted on rollers (ok, just the rear wheel....so no skill is involved) and wired up to a computer.  Basically, at the word go, you pedal like a mad man (or woman) until you hit the specified distance.  The whole world watches your progress on screen seeing who is the better sprinter.  Ego is definitely present so bring your A game!

Next up this weekend is the kick off of the Tour De Nez in the form of a poker ride / family ride.  There are three distances to choose from so check it out!

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