Monday, June 4, 2012

Bike Commuting and Business Travel.

I have to travel this week for work.  Due to a our truck being tied up (it has recently received a little truck camper) and wifey needing to drive for work today, I was left with my usual option....bicycle commuting.  This will never work you say!  How will he pack smartly with business attire, computers, and options for a week away and still ride a bike!  The reality is it really is only a little more than I would carry on any given day.

I don't have to have "fancy" close for work.  A nice pair of jeans or Mtn. Khakis and  collared shirt will do.  A weeks worth of close, a laptop, and some other gear do add a little weight for the commute.  You really notice it on the hill climbs.....oh, and when parking!

Yep, that's a no rider, parked, wheelie!  Guess I need to look into weight distribution a little!  Either way it was still the same commute in the same time.  The real question is do you ride to the airport and lock up there?  The bike parking at Reno-Tahoe International is non-existent in my mind.  I'll probably get a coworker to take me until I can investigate a bit.  So, until next week.  Ride on.


  1. I really like the way you customized your bike! I did the same with mine!

  2. Congratulation this blog post! Bike communicating is a good travel for everyone. Good sounds?