Monday, June 18, 2012

Jailbirds and bicycles, a good combination!

Sorry, I'm sure the politically correct term is convicts.  Either way they're on the river path and it's a good thing!  Late last week when riding back from the 4th street meeting I was surprised to see two guys in black and white striped jump suits near the old Wells Ave. underpass.  I did pause for a minute wondering if a detour was in order but I figured a bicycle isn't the current getaway vehicle of choice.  Turns out it was an old fashion work crew and they were cleaning up trash along the river! 

You can's see them very well in the crappy cell phone picture but they had a sizable amount of debris gathered up.  I can't believe this type of resource isn't out there every day.  This is the perfect job for low level offenders and it would keep Reno looking like the city it deserves to be!

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