Thursday, June 21, 2012

My own personal I-80 needs a construction project!

I know you guys probably get sick of all my stuff on the river path, but hey, it really is my highway.  Well, it's significantly better than I-80....meaning that I only share the road with about a dozen other people (although that number is up quite a bit this spring/summer)!  There aren't any accidents that shut it down.  And the people using it aren't trying to cut me off or not let me merge.  So really it's not like a highway at all I guess.  It's more like a drive on a private road that runs along a beautiful river for several miles.  Maybe you guys should'd probably smile more.

The other way (unfortunately) that the river path is not like the highway is that there is no "construction".  What!  Is he crazy you ask?  He want's construction on his morning commute?  Actually, construction might not be the right about maintenance?  Now I'm not specifically talking about the path itself (although there are some areas where the roots have made the path like a washboard road).  Just some of the access facilities (on ramps...if you will) that get you to the path.  Specifically, the stairway that allows access via 2nd Street.

This is how it currently looks:

Now this is not a multi-million dollar repair folks.  I'm guessing about $50 bucks worth of supplies and a couple hours of work would whip this into shape.  However, I'll bet a hundred dollars that this project will take longer to get done than the I-80 rebuild.  Sad but true.

I won't beat the point to death, but for the $$$$ spent you get way more "bicycle and walking" infrastructure (miles of path per dollar) than you do building highways for cars.  Let's hope I can squeeze $50 bucks for this out of the Parks department!

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  1. I think this is getting at the heart of the debate with City traffic staff and maintenance. They give little to no funding for bicycle facility maintenance now, so they don't want to be forced to contribute more in the future. Either we build "maintenance-free" bike lanes (whatever those are), or demand that cities start to maintain our bike paths.