Friday, August 30, 2013

Cyclist killed in Gardnerville.

I can't believe I've only just heard about this one today (from ktvn channel 2):

So right now all we know is that this is a car vs. bike collision.....but based on the description, "Investigators say both bike and car were traveling the same direction on Pine Nut Road.  The driver was making a right turn onto another road when the right rear of his vehicle struck the bike.", this is a classic case of the right hook move.  Meaning a driver passes a cyclist and then proceeds to execute a right turn directly across the path of the cyclist.  If this is a correct description, the judge should be up for a very real penalty!

Here's a slightly better article from the Record - Courier:

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  1. This is unfortunate for all involved. It sounds to me like the collision was the result of a "right hook" which is an aggressive move and intentional usually because the driver underestimates the speed at which the cyclist is traveling and think they can make and clear their turn in time OR the driver inadvertently misjudged the right wheel of his vehicle when turning (no pun intended) which happens all of the time and their wheel hits the curb--or in this case, a cyclist. In any case it sounds like a violation of NRS 484B.270: driver's duty of due care, especially item 3 and 5a.

    I try to anticipate the first scenario when I am riding on the roads though I have had close calls myself. Unfortunately for Mr. Longo, he must not have had enough time to react and avoid the collision.