Friday, December 20, 2013

Another rider in the night.

As I headed out from work yesterday, I saw quite a sight.  Some nut on a bike.....Shocking, I know, that I would notice this.  This guys was different however, not just a kid on a bike or someone who couldn't afford a car.  This guys was decked out.  Bright front lights, multiple blinkers on the rear (including one on a jacket mount?), panniers with reflective piping.......and did I detect the glint of studs in those tires?

The only idiot I know who fits close to that description is me....and due to some laziness, my bike was right behind me in the back of the car as I drove to yoga.  So who the heck rides in this kind of the dark....on scary roads like Mill St.

I was so stunned (and driving) that I didn't get a picture (so I stole the one below from Reno-Rambler)!  

I did get a good look at the guy bike and immediately I had my answer.  It was none other than the rambler of Reno himself, the Reno-Rambler of long time bike blogging fame.

This picture is stolen directly from

Could this be the perfect bike?  Lighting (check), rack (check), panniers (check), fenders (check), studded tires (not sure....but I know he has them), easily configured (check), no overly fancy suspension or parts (check).  One bike to do it all!?

The truth is, what I recognized was the absolutely classic Bridgestone MB-1 that I know he rides....and was in fact featured in his blog recently.  It's an excellent example of how one bike can be configured to run in any conditions for any purpose.

So hats to the Reno Rambler for keeping his pledge to ride every day this year!

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