Friday, December 6, 2013

Reno cyclist circles the World - Free Presentation Monday.

Just saw this over at the RGJ ( written by James Ball ):

Since 1999, Hans Frischeisen hasn’t just traveled around the world on his bicycle, he’s traveled it vertically, horizontally and now, diagonally.

Recently back from the first installment in his fifth cycling trek “around” the world, Frischeisen, who calls himself “Hans the Cyclist,” is set to share tales from his most recent adventure in a free slide show presentation Monday night at the City of Reno Council Chambers.

The slide show will encompass his August to November trek across Germany, Turkey, Iran, India and Sri Lanka. He will continue the journey next year, completing his fifth time around the world.

On his trips, where there are no passable roads, such as in western Russia, Frischeisen kayaks and hikes. He doesn’t pre-arrange accommodations, preferring to camp out or stay with strangers who offer him a room for the night.

Frischeisen, who was born in Hamburg, Germany but is a long-time Renoite, said his favorite memory is of kayaking through Russia.

“It was the best thing I ever did in my life. There are sections here,” he said pointing to a map of Russia, “where I was three weeks without human contact. This can either be very scary or a moment of self-realization, self-finding and that’s the direction I took. That’s one of the advantages when you bike or kayak. You have time to meditate, think, pray, whatever you want to do.”

Not all of the journeys have been so smooth, however. Last year, while cycling through Texas, Frischeisen was struck by a vehicle, which resulted in a lengthy hospitalization and recovery period. In Africa, he was chased by leopards, but managed to escape by shining his helmet-mounted flashlight at the cats while he got away.The free event begins at 6:30 p.m. and runs for an hour. The council chambers are located at the corner of First and Virginia streets. Free parking is available at the Club Cal-Neva Casino. Details at 775-746-1092.

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