Monday, December 16, 2013

The last cyclocross video...snow!

Ok, work is busy.  This is the last race in the series this year....yes, we had to shovel the whole fricking course.  Yes, it was snowy, icy, and very fun.

p.s.  Here are the results:

Men's A- Nick Schaffner
Wmn A- Paige Galeotto
Men A 35+- Steve Ouzounian
Men's B- Jason Erickson
Men's B 35+- Spencer Ericksen
Women B/C- Katie Ingram
Men's C- Tate Meintjes
Men's C 35+- Andy Tenbrink
Singlespeed- Jude Mayne
Jr's- Sam Ouzounian

And name is in the list (just look at the old guys beginner category.

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