Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Davis Creek Park Cyclocross Race....there was snow!

Ok, it definitely snowed the night before and we already had snow on the ground.  None the less, bikes were loaded into cars and folks showed up (almost 30 racers)!  Wifey and I got there around 8:30 am for the 10 am race.  The ranger was just starting to plow out the park and about 5 other brave souls were present.  We calmly looked at the 1 - 1 1/2 feet of snow on the ground.....

In short order shovels appeared, a modified course layout was devised, and the "fun" began.  Basically, the course looked like the screen capture below.  Meaning we only had to walk through and then shovel about 1/2 mile of trail!

Did I mention that the portions on the campground roads had a nice sheet of ice just under the plowed surface....yeah, they definitely did.  So the course was challenging on the road and on the winding single track that was only a single shovel width! Anyway it was a total blast so I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Deep know dogs love it.  Apparently bikes do too!

Clearing the course!

The start house.

Start of the Men's C, women's B, C, and Juniors.

And they're away on the ice!

If you can't ride it...with a fantastic smile!

Outta the single track and onto the ice!

Staying warm by the fire!

Bike parking isn't a problem in deep snow...just stow and go!

More warming!

Men's A, B, and Women's A from the gun.

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