Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bicycles and just seems to keep happening.

Last night wifey and I headed down to Great Basin.  While this certainly isn't an unheard of situation, last night was unique because we opted for the Reno location instead of our normal Sparks location.  We've been there before (several times), but it's just not our usual.  We were motivated by Tight Wad Tuesdays $1 pizza slice special!  Due to some baggage, in the form of our dog, wifey drove over while I biked.  Headwind's aside, it was a nice ride.

Early on at Great Basin Reno, I used to have a gripe about the lack of bike racks.  However, after a quick complaint to Tom Young (one of the owners) several month back, a rather cool solution was provided.  **A disclaimer here....the rack has been up for several months...I just don't go to the Reno location often.**

For me, the cool part of what Tom did is putting the bike rack in the absolutely best parking spot he had....10 ft from the door and the outdoor patio.....not in the back alley where it would be easy to steal a bike while out of sight!  He also customized the rack with really nice Great Basin metal logos.  And as you can see, it's definitely getting used!

So if you're heading out to Great Basin, consider a ride rather than a drive.  The bike lanes will lead you here and the parking is top notch!

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