Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunday Parkways....Would it work in Reno?

So, could we do this in Reno???  I would certainly say we can.  Why not, we close streets in downtown every weekend all summer for casino events, Hot August Nights, and Street Vibrations.  Why not do something for the more "pedestrian" crowd!?  There is already some planning going on at the Reno Bike Project for it, but we do have some ground to cover.  I mean it could really work...the food truck crowd would be in, we have plenty of local bands that would set up for it, and the number of people "Riding in Reno" is growing.  Perhaps, this is the year.

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  1. This was JUST on my mind lol. I definitely think having an Open Streets day or weekend from downtown to Midtown is a great idea. Remember when the I-80 bypass to Carson City opened up to pedestrians and cyclists? I had a chance to bike on it and it was so much fun!!