Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bicycle friendly events.

All right, I know that I harp on getting out and riding a bit on this blog.  I also know that some of you might even think about it, but there's always a BUT.....that keeps you from doing it.  For some of you it's where you live vs. where you work, that their aren't showers at work, that the roads are busy, or that you're not comfortable in mixed (car / bike) traffic.  These are all valid concerns.  But with a little planning I'm going to give you an event that might just give you an excuse TO ride.

I'll try to come up with some suggestions over the next few weeks.  For today (Tuesday)....meaning I'm giving you 3 full days to prep....I'll suggest Food Truck Friday at Idlewild Park.

A few reasons this might work for you to bike to. 

1)  Centrally located for much of Reno.
2)  It's not work and it runs for 4 hours, so you don't have a tight time table and no one cares if you sweated a little on the way there.
3)  The streets that lead hear from every direction are low speed, low traffic, and most have bike lanes.
4)  You get reward....great food, music, and beer!
5)  There is a ton of bike parking.
6)  It's a really congested even for parking a car.....you'll save 10 minutes time just by riding.

So give it a try this weekend.  You'll have fun, burn the calories you eat and drink, hear some good music, and get to experience a great event by bike!

Reward truck!!

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