Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Adventure...non-bikey style.

Well, it was time to do something the decision was made to go do a little hike up in the Sierras.  Wifey and I chose the Shirley Canyon trail out of Squaw valley with a little extra add on to get up to high camp.  It's a fairly short hike 2.5 miles one way or so, but you gain about 1400 ft of elevation in those 2.5 miles.  It even includes some nice scrambling up a diorite slab.  Anyway, it's a great hike that runs along a creek almost the entire way, gives you a lake to take a dip in, and allows you to cheat and end up at high camp for a beer and lunch.  To top it all off, you don't have to hike back just hop on the gondola (for free) and ride back down to the village.  So go check it out if you haven't done it.  I couldn't believe such a great hike existed so close and I'd never done it!!

And the pictures:

Hoping the creek.

There's some scrambling involved in several places.

Waterfalls are present in several places.

It's a great hike for fit doggies.

Two works of beauty!

Still a little snow up top.

Plenty of pretty flowers.

A little RNR at High Camp before the gondola ride down.

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  1. What a beautiful hike! Is there a cost of the gondola ride? Will have to try it sometime!