Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Your own private highway bridge!

Don't ask me why I never knew this was here....I'm sure I've seen it a million times will driving on i-80 (and yes, I do drive).  I guess it's because there are several bridge options to get me across i-80 when going from work to home and they are all fairly low traffic (and perhaps more direct) routes.  Either way, if you like no traffic and want private access this might be the bridge option for you.

And where is this mystery pedestrian and bicycle bridge?  Funny you should ask....it's right here, at the Northern terminus of Arlington Ave.

It connects up to University Terrace on the North side of the highway.  Once you cross going North there is a set of stairs.  You can either carry your bike on this part or hang to the right and there is street access via West St. up to University Terrace. 

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