Thursday, June 19, 2014

Biking, Biking, Everywhere.....

If you need to fill your evenings, what could be better than cramming in all the biking you can stand!?  It seems like that's what that's what's been happening for me the last few days.  This all started just because I've lost a few riding buddy's.  One has moved up to Bend and one is out of town for an extended work engagement through July.  So I decided I need to meet some new people who ride. 

This led me to look into the "Tuesday Night Ride Group"....a bunch of mountain bike enthusiasts who find somewhere to ride every Tuesday.  I've seen this group a couple of times.  It's a big group and you can tell they are present by the fact that the trail head is completely packed, with cars strung out down the road.  Kind of impressive actually.  They also are fairly well known for having beer after each ride....definitely my kind of people.

Anyway, this week the ride was the Dry pond loop.  Here's a couple pics.

Looking out over Galena just below Dry Pond.

Trying to find a riding partner was a bust....ended up in between groups riding alone.  But hey, there's something to be said for peace and quiet!

After the Dry pond loop I figured I'd earned a day off.  However, late in the day I got an email about a Reno Cycling and Fitness group get together.  I considered blowing it off, as it's not one of my regular shops.....but the note was from a fellow BPAC (Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee) and I figured I should support his event.

I'm glad I did....there was free BBQ and I met a few people I may actually get out for a ride with.  Here's a few pics from the event.

Afterwards I took advantage of being on the south end of Reno and mixed up the commute route on the way home.  The divergent diamond intersection at Moana and 395 is one of the few places we have "green" bike lanes in Reno so it's always fun to ride.

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  1. Looks like fun! How do I find the trail?