Friday, October 10, 2014

Fellow commuters!!

You guys surprised me this morning.  I saw 15 bicycle commuters on my way to work!!  Maybe it was that the weather is just perfect for it these days, perhaps it was that I was a little later heading out the door this morning and you've always been there, or possibly there are just starting to be more people riding bikes.  Any way you to want to call it, I was glad for the company.

The two pictured here even happened to be women....and they say that when you start to see women riding you know you're doing something right with your streets and planning.  These gals signaled signaled their turns and fully stopped at stop about rider etiquette.  And I'm not implying this is rare....just taking the time to point out some non-scofflaw riding for the press.

So joint the crew and throw a leg over a bicycle sitting in your garage, you'll have more fun than you did on your drive to work!

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