Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Open Streets Reno!!!

There's a new idea (well, new to Reno) being floated around by a couple of fantastic people I happen to know.  It's the idea of closing down a series of streets...along a defined route....and letting people take them back from cars!  Doesn't matter if you want to ride your bike, roller blade, walk, run, host a pick up game of ultimate frisbee.  It's a chance to remind people that streets are for everyone. 

In a total coincidence, while I was in San Francisco a few weekends ago, we just happened to run into exactly this type of even.  I threw up a few pics of the SF event to get you excited and hopefully involved in making this happen in Reno.

Not even a closed street....just tons of bikes!

The actual event in SF.
I said anything goes didn't we have modified Jazzy scooter jousting!  Tell me you wouldn't try this!
The street also just happened to be the same street as one of my favorite bars in SF.
Here's a little panorama to give you a better view.
So, with this in mind, below is the proposal for the Reno event.  And if you think we can't close a street in downtown Reno for a special event, just remind yourself of Hot August Nights, Street Vibrations, the Italian festival, the wing cook-off, or any other one of a million events in Reno.  So let's make it happen!

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