Tuesday, October 28, 2014

San Fran ride day 3.

Yeah, yeah, sorry it's taking so long to get to this.  I just haven't been feeling the whole blogging thing these days. 

Anyway, this is what the profile looked like for day 3.

It was really the easiest day in terms of both distance and climbing, but after Day 1 (7200 feet climbing) and Day 2 (4000 feet climbing)....it proved to have some significant challenges late in the day (2000 feet climbing).  It didn't help that I had a pretty sore knee and back and that Chia had some seriously sore Achilles.  On the up side, there were wide shoulders and bike lanes for much of the day.

Bike path West of Sacramento.  Nice...but it does run right alongside 80 so it's a bit fumey.

Chia conquering a big hill just outside Vallejo.  Fortunately, for me my sore knee had resolved itself before this hill.  Chia's heels however, were not loving this climb.

A view of Vallejo from the hill top.  We foolishly thought it was all down hill from here!

Chia standing on yet another hill top about 10 miles later....surely there couldn't be that much more climbing....we're trying to get to the ocean for crying out loud!

And....luckily, it there wasn't that much more.  We made it to the docks with an hour and a half before the last ferry!

After changing in to some less smelly clothing.....

...it was time for a celebratory beer!!  And yes, it tasted really good!

Then it was time to load onto the ferry....and yep, that's another beer on the table. 

We pretty much had the whole boat to ourselves.

And if completing the trip itself wasn't a reward....San Francisco set off some fire works for us as we arrived at the docks!
 I realized that this isn't an amazing write up.  But, it definitely gives you the gist of it.  I'd encourage anyone to give the ride a go....although I'd recommend 4 days if you want to enjoy the experience a bit more....rather than feeling like you need to push along all the time!

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