Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Construction Companies....Please Don't Do This!!

Ok...for the record, they did make an improvement.  Earlier this week they just had the cones right down the middle of the bike lane.  I stopped and asked one of the guys if they couldn't move them to the line, rather than block the bike lane.  This was the result by the time I rode home....cones still in the bike lane, but they put up a sign that says Bike Path Closed and Share the Road.  Not exactly a win in my book, but at least they acknowledged the bikes in this version.


  1. I just kick the cones over into the travel lane when I ride by ;-). Do you know what they are building there in that empty lot?

  2. It's the staging area for the Virginia st bridge replacement. Leave it to the geniuses at the city of reno and q&d construction tk close the bike lane for no apparent reason...