Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hmmm...time for the shop.

This picture is a little dated...like last week.  I was convinced to head up and ride the summer solstice ride with the Tuesday Night Ride Group on the Emigrant Trail.  However, I did notice the next day when I was getting around to cleaning the bike that I had more than a little grease / oil on the left  stanchion.  Turns out the seal wasn't totally blown but was leaking pretty good (it's been rolling for 5 years with no maintenance).  I diligently googled the replacement kit....$78.00 and the pain in the butt of doing the messy rebuild.

So the following day I found myself on the way to Great Basin Bicycles to drop it off and let them do it!  Don't get me wrong...I can do the rebuild...I'm just that lazy some days!  By the time my work day was done the repair was done too.  Have to love Great Basin's service turn around.  And perhaps the best part...my total bill was $70.  Less than buying the kit and doing it myself.  I guess it pays to be friends with the bike shop owners in town!

So if you've got a little "project" that you're just not in the mood for, head down to Great Basin Bicycles and let them do it.  It might just be a better deal than doing it yourself!

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