Monday, June 29, 2015

IMBIB Brewery Grand Opening.

What can I easy excuse for bikes and beer!  The newest brewery in town is actually a collaborative effort by several Washoe Zephyr Zymurgists (WZZ) beer club members, so I also felt a bit obligated to get down there and help them make their official opening a success!

The front entrance looks great!

Live music back in the brewery.

Keg lined "stage"!

The small in house brew system (larger batches are currently done down in Carson) and a whole lot of goodness aging in barrels!

Manning the taps!

It's worth noting that they had 17 beers and a couple home brew cola's on hand.  This is a really impressive feat for a grand opening...there are several well established breweries in town that don't have a draft list half this long!  And several options were barrel aged sours....something that's still a bit lacking here in the Reno beer scene.  Based on this display and the quality of the beers I sampled I think these guys are going to be hugely popular in the rapidly growing brewery options in Reno!


  1. Sounds great! Where is it located?

    1. 785 2nd St....closest cross street is Locust for reference.