Thursday, November 5, 2015

Car Driving, No Biking Blues!

It seems like I haven't been on a bike in ages (you 4 days).  A combination of things has contributed to this (vet visits with dogs, an increased running schedule, visitors at the house).  It really does have me questioning how the "regular" Joe manages such a large driving schedule!?  It's stressful really.  Morning traffic, backed up highways and secondary roads, aggressive drivers, people texting while driving and holding up intersections, etc.

 I find myself wistfully looking at the wide open bike lane that I could be whisking along in with no traffic concerns.  The relaxing rhythm of the ride, the calming zen of letting my thoughts wander, and the nice little bit of exercise I add to my day!

So tomorrow I pledge to ride.... come rain, snow, errands, or sloth!  How about you?

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