Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Commuter Credentials....If you rode yesterday and today, you have them!

Yeah...so I don't have fenders on the Fargo right now.  You know, because I was all set for the cyclocross season that got nixed due to the bike vs. car crash and resulting shoulder issues that have dragged on.  Turns out that's not supper cool when the snow and slush roll in!! 

Note the residual snow on the helmet!  I actually wrung water out of my socks and gloves!  So much fun though!

Tire tracks into the drive way....cause.....proof I really rode!

The back yard last night.  The sun shade sails were about to break due to the snow load so I had to drop them.

Getting ready for the snowy commute this morning.  I had an issue with installing the rear fender.  Not cool.

The river path...better plowed than the streets!  Tons of downed branches though.

Uh oh.  Caught up with the plow.

The footprints make the most difficult riding...bouncing you around and making a slide out very possible.

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