Thursday, November 19, 2015

Things that pass you by....

I don't have a picture to go with the start of this post, so I guess it will have to be a written account.  I was merrily headed in on my commute today, kind of picking my route as I went (because going the same way every day gets boring).  Then just as I had settled on riding down Mill St.....a rider turned a corner in front of me and headed for the river path.

I debated for a second and decided I hadn't had a good game of chase in a while.  The rider probably had a 1/4 mile on me and looked to be on a road bike....perhaps clad in spandex?  The reason for the sketchy details is that while there was chase given, there was no catching.  The rider (male?/female?) was no slouch and I never gained (or lost for the record) an inch on him/her.

I'm not used to that I will present excuses.  1) The Fargo is a tank.  2)  I have the tires aired down for the ice road conditions.  3)  I've been a little sick lately.  4), I got nothing here.

So apparently, I'm getting slower, is the only conclusion I can draw from this.  And it's probably true.  I missed the whole Cyclocross season due to the shoulder thing, so I didn't have any excuses to push myself on the bike.  The result is probably that the legs aren't quite what they were some years.

So with that in mind....I found a video of the Bend Cross Crusades race that I really intended to go to this year but didn't.  Please notice while there a ton of fast riders in this event....there are also some not taking themselves to seriously.  I believe I will have to take a lesson from this!

 **Please note...this video contains a wookie, a giraffe, a dominatrix, teenage mutant ninja turtles, and way more spandex than is socially acceptable....please view at your own digression!***


  1. gonna have to step up our outfits next season!

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