Sunday, March 8, 2015

Amazing Bicycle PSA People....Unfortunately, PSA Means "Pretty Scary Avenue"!!

Ok, before I vent a bit about the current status of our BBINO (Bicycle Boulevard in Name Only), let's take a minute to thank all the great people who came out to help get this filmed (and make me feel like I need a fashion lesson).

The one and only Reno-Rambler was there, in what can only be described as bicycle glory.  Rivendell bicycle with waxed canvas bags, personally swathed in Rapha apparel, cycling cap, and sipping a hub coffee!  The man screams bicycle, while being one of the most thoughtful, quiet, and well spoken people I know.

The Cuter Commuter (and her rock star racing machine husband) were also there.  I'm sure I should know what designer dress she was sporting (seriously I have no clue), but she radiates cycling fashion that makes Copenhagen cycle chic look bland!

And let's not forget Julie of Washoe County Clean Air who is at the helm of this, along with all of the amazing list of events that are planned for this years Bike to Work Week!  This lady (and her whole family) are making your town a better place and deserve your thanks.

Finally, we had some newer faces.  Since I'm not in the habit of using real names I like to make up names for people.....I'd have to call her climber girl.  Hopefully, this will work for her.  A newer Renoite, she (and her husband) publish the Climbing Business Journal all while she puts more miles on a single speed (with coaster brake) than most hipsters in Reno ride, while rivaling the Cuter Commuter for elegant style on a bicycle.  Also....since biking does a huge ZERO for upper might consider checking out a local indoor climbing gym to buff up., that's the most credits I've ever listed!  Now to point.

Shooting video PSA material required us to ride a block or so of the "Bicycle Boulevard" about 6 or 8 times.  Notice in the picture above we're "huddled" at the edge of a side street.  This is because the vehicle traffic volume and speeds are almost prohibitive for anyone who isn't a seasoned cyclist to feel comfortable with.

The stars of our video were pretty young kids who were being asked to take a lane for the purpose of this filming.  They did a great job, but there where several times were I almost sucked my teeth into my throat when they drifted towards the other lane (and oncoming traffic, that didn't even tap the brakes) or someone overtook us at well over the posted 15 mph speed limit!  Seriously, these kids should get hazard pay!

They also shouldn't have to deal with this traffic volume and speeding on a designated bicycle boulevard!!!  It's the whole point of having it....and it's not working and it's not a safe environment to bike in!  So, with renewed vigor we need to fix this.

If you think I know how to do this, you'd be sadly mistaken....but I think it's time we figure it out.  In the past, I've had several pet projects in the background.  After my experience this weekend I think it's time to marshal the troops and get this BBINO reformatted into a real Bicycle Boulevard!

***For additional context please pop over to Reno-Rambler!

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