Sunday, March 15, 2015

March Slow Roll Bike Ride.

There were bikes....we rode slowly....much fun was had!

The gathering @ Reno Bike Project.

The bikey family on matching Schwinn Suburbans with Trailer in tow.  P.S.  Brian send me your email!

Taking a break after the hill climb up to Whitaker Park (in the university neighborhood).

No babies were killed during this ride....but some of them can sleep through anything!!

If you read this and feel bummed out that you missed it....join us next month!


  1. Sorry I missed this one and thank you for posting the pics! The one of the kid who fell asleep is hilarious! I hope to get a chance to bike the Greenway over here in Nashville.

  2. Andy. Nice chatting with you during the ride. Let me know when the next bike meeting is.