Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fargo gets a new pair of shoes!  This was way over due.  The reality is this bike has been in my stable for about two years.  I ride it most days in some way or another.  This means that it sees a lot of miles.  By my estimate the Fargo has ~7,000 - 8,000 miles on it.  Needless to say  the original tires (Continental Race King) were on it for most of this mileage, and are just plain worn out. 

I spent more than a few hours debating what tires to put on as a replacement.  Keeping in mind that I have a pair of Schwable Marathon Supreme 2.0 that already come in to play when it's in it's road touring configuration.  And after all that thought and wasted hours on the internet......

I bought another set of Race about anti-climactic.  Why go with the same thing?  For me the choice came down to a few things.  The Fargo sees a lot of road miles from much as I want to call it the ultimate off road adventure bike.  So given this factor...I do want a set of tires that roll pretty well on pavement, but still have enough tread to get around on single track and gravel.  I want a tire that will last a while.  The first set proved they can do this.  I wanted a tire that's fairly light.  I realize this is a bit weird considering it's a steel frame and I have wood fenders and carry pretty much everything including the kitchen sink....but yeah.....I like to think when it's stripped down for cyclocross season that it's "light".

So with all those considerations....I also found these on super sale for about $30 a tire (and you can easily find options that are $70+ per tire.  So given their previous history and the price, I picked up another set for the next 8,000 miles! 


  1. I need new tires also but am looking for 32c tan sidewalls. Have only found Panaracers. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Daly,

      Check out Rivendell ( have a large selection of gumwall tires in this size range.