Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Projects....Dynamo hub Upgrade.

Last week I posted on some new tires that I put on the Fargo.  What that post didn't detail was me putting a tire on backwards (after presumably) thinking about the correct rotation direction.  I also had one wheel pretty out of balance due to an overly long Mr. Tuffy tire liner.  And....I received a new rim and dynamo hub which meant the front wheel had to be switched out to boot!

Freshly tuned and ready for install!

The new hub and rim laced up and ready for a new disc rotor and tire.  Yep, this will be the 4th tire mount on the new tires without touching the ground.  A pro shop tech I apparently am not!

Yes, there was some cursing during the project....and it does help to have a handily located flask during such projects.

Finally the new rim, hub, tire, and dyno light mounted and ready for a test run!  Really, the whole process (even with all the remounts) wasn't that big of a deal.   Tires aren't really that hard to mount and most of the time was spent futzing around with truing up rims, realigning disc brake calipers, and modifying the fender mounts to accept the new light.

For now though it's another project in the books.  I'll update this in a few weeks to let you know how the new hub and light are preforming.

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