Monday, March 9, 2015

River Path Improvements....and Increased Connectivity!

After the previous post critiquing our Bicycle Boulevard, I thought I'd share some good news regarding our local infrastructure.  It comes in the form of additional access points from roadways to the Truckee River Bike Path.  The latest addition is just finishing up thanks to the improvements to McCarren on the east side of town.

A google maps view of the area...showing the complete lack of connectivity until just recently!

There didn't used to be many ways to get on or off the river path in East Reno.  So if a cyclist did want to hit the local coffee shop or deli on his/her ride, they had to either exit at one of the parks or hoist a bike onto their shoulder and hike through a private property to get to these locations.  Not the end of the world, but inconvenient to be sure.

McCarren now represents a much more modern access point to the River Path! And as a side note...there will be improved bike lanes and separated bike paths around much of this portion of McCarren in the near future!!  I'll keep you posted as they appear.

Looking West from the bike path.  (Photo: Bill Hoffman)

Looking East from the bike path. (Photo: Bill Hoffman)
Looking North (up the new ramp).  (Photo: Bill Hoffman)

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