Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Detours and traffic signage...from the bicycle and pedestrian side of the street.

Totally random, but Reno-Rambler is posting on a similar topic this morning.  Mainly construction signage and it's affect on folks on bikes.  I've posted several times that I hate it when they put construction signs and automobile detour signs in the bike lanes.

An example from an old post.....

However, this morning I wanted to point out that there's another type of detour and signage that's starting to exist in Reno.

An actual bicycle detour with signage....gasp!

Yep, they are actually starting to post real bicycle detours when they close dedicated bicycle paths like the river path and its associated route through downtown Reno.  This little gem is tied to the Virginia St. bridge replacement project and is partnered with an actual signed pedestrian route (that is separate).  So there are small signs (pun intended) that contractors and those who hire them are aware of some of the issues with signage, construction, and it's affects on bicycles and pedestrians....but we've obviously got a ways to go!

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